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31 December 2017TRAINING COURSES Courses available for 2018

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Courses available for 2018


The Arts Society is committed to ensuring that anyone in the organisation has the opportunity to develop their skills or acquire new ones. Training and Information days are available to all. They are held throughout the year at The Arts Society House and across the Areas. Training courses also provide important networking opportunities where members can meet their counterparts from other Societies or Areas and exchange ideas in a relaxed and informal environment. Workshop and Information Days include:- Getting to know The Arts Society, Planning a Programme Day, Confident Speaking Membership, Recruitment and Retention Workshop, Finding Volunteers, Information Days for New Society Chairmen, New Media Workshop, Finance Forum. Below are the details of how to access forthcoming Training events at The Arts Society House.. If you have any suggestions for new events please let us know.

All of the The Arts Society Training Sessions can be viewed by logging in to the The Arts Society website Members Area and selecting "Training and Information Days Calendar". The Training Officer is Shivani Mahida  -