Below is a summary of the current Young Arts projects carried out by the Societies in our area

Blockley - At our New Year Lunch in 2018 I invited Keyna Doran who helps to run a charity in Chipping Campden which helps disadvantaged young people to access the arts. She spoke to our attendees about the work of ‘Campden Edge’. We held a raffle and the money raised was then match funded by the Society.  We used the money for this year’s raffle to do the same.

Here is Keyna’s report when asked for feed back to the committee as to how the money was spent:

Annual Report - We have supported 7 students with £ 2613.47 of Grants.

One off Student grants are as follows:

CE11 – Royal College of Music £200

CE12 – Dance kit for Northern School of Contemporary Dance £109.47

On-going lessons are as follows:

CE5 & 6 – Drama Lessons £616

CE3 – Drum Lessons £764

CE13 & 14 – Drama Lessons  £924

Support for Schools - We are currently setting up a scheme to allocate some of the monies we raise each year to fund individual, financially disadvantaged pupils going on arts school trips/events. This would be a pool of money set aside annually. Eligible schools in the Campden Edge catchment area are Chipping Campden School Academy and 7 primary schools.

Instrument Library - We also run a virtual instrument library where unwanted instruments can be placed with students.  Two Guitars and a Piano have been donated to learners; and an electronic Keyboard has also been lent out twice.

Keyna Doran – ( will be invited back to the committee during the following year to report on spend

Brecknock   The society sponsored a final year drama student at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama to the tune of £250 and members attended the graduation ceremony at which Arabella Cordelia Neale was presented with the Sarah Siddons Award for the best female student actress in a classical role.

The society still continues to follow the progress of the first recipient of the bursary, Rhys Warmsley; he was one of four actors taking part in a centenary concert for the Welsh Guards on March 15, 2015 in Cardiff and subsequently he was further selected for a master class with Mathew Rhys.

Bristol  Details of the Society's Young Arts activities can be found on their webpage.                                                                Click here for the link to Bristol YA

Cheltenham - St Mark's Cof E Junior School celebrated it's 5th anniversary in 2018. The Arts Society paid for an artist to come in and help some of the pupils to make a large commemorative plaque  to go on the Reception wall.  All pupils in school took part in a competition for the winning design.

The Butterfly Garden : exhibition of work from many of the young people who go to BFG.. It was over a three day event and over 200 people visited the venue - The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham.

Gloucestershire Young Carers – There were two evening sessions at their Youth Club in Whaddon with an artist. YA Cheltenham paid for her time and materials.

We had no external grants.  There was £500 from AS Cheltenham and we raised the rest from weekly raffles!!!

Cirencester   This summer, the society ran a wonderful day for deaf children in Gloucestershire. Three age groups came together at Barnwood to produce a fabulous collage of their individual boats and, when finished, this will be mounted as a permanent feature at their centre. Youngsters and parents enjoyed a BBQ lunch and it was a very happy and successful day. The society donated £500 to support the event.

Corinium   In 2016 we started an interesting project at Minchinhampton Junior School. A local author was paid to spend a day at the school helping pupils to start writing chapters of a book (he wrote the first chapter) and to illustrate it. When it is completed in Spring 2017 it will be published and sold by a local publishing company.

The Arts Society Cirencester  and  The Arts Society Corinium are both contributing towards the costs and West Mercia Area have  also made a significant grant towards the costs.

In 2017 the two societies are sponsoring local schools to make a quilt and a series of mosaic panels which will feature the 900th anniversary of the founding of St. Mary's Abbey in Cirencester. West Mercia Area are also making a financial contribution to this unique Festival.

Evesham  The society awarded two travel bursaries to four students travelling together in pairs to visit a European city of their choice. The students selected were outstanding and demonstrated that the bursary would have a positive impact on their own art practice and course modules. Two boys travelled to Valencia to explore art and architecture and two girls researched art and textiles in Helsinki. They were each awarded £450 and will deliver a short presentation to members in the autumn.

Malvern Hills - Workshops took place in at Pendock CE Primary School.  YA funding resulted in permanent metal structure and mural.

Society's Contribution: £1000.00 School Funding £650

All sixty pupils at the school were involved in this project named 'Flowers of the Field, a permanent metal structure (designed by the pupils)  and executed by a skilled metal worker now stands at the entrance to the school, and depicts local wild flowers; five red poppies are incorporated into the structure to remember the five men killed in WWI from the village. Additionally, a wall-mounted ceramic mural displaying a wild flower made by each pupil is on permanent display at the school.  Unveiling of this art work occurred on 9.11.18 and the event attended by pupils, staff, parents, friends and local groups. 

Monmouthshire  Many hours of research, design, consultation, planning and preparation have been put into the creation of a WW1 Commemorative Community Quilt. The final cost was £2500 which included the proceeds of a Christmas raffle organised by the society and a grant of £1500 from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund. So many design demonstrations and textile techniques were taught. In total, over 130 Year 6 and Year 9 pupils took part. Themes were WW1 trenches, the front line, the role of animals, nurses and poppies. Children learned techniques of embroidery, tie dye, carrot and potato printing, screen printing and felting. The finished quilt will be displayed throughout Monmouthshire and there is the possibility of display at the Eisteddfodd. The Arts Society has been highly promoted in newspaper articles It is shown above to the right..

Painswick - The Art Society Painswick celebrated their 50th Anniversary at Stroud Museum in the Park with a special pop up exhibition entitled Nature’s Golden Moments. The show included works by members of the society, covering a wide range of media including watercolours, oils, embroidery and photography.

Two community artists Tracy Spiers and Susie Walker held workshops that involved local school children from The Croft Primary School Painswick in producing a colourful collection of bugs and beetles. The artists also worked closely with Gloucestershire Young Carers in designing mirrors and fridge magnets. There were also free drop in craft workshops for all ages, a children’s trail as well as a pop up cafe.

It is estimated that seven hundred people were involved including everyone who visited and supported the event and worked in the workshops organised beforehand. The society contribution to the event was £2000.

Severn Valley  The society is proposing to approach several local primary schools to submit applications for a bursary enabling the chosen school to have a visual arts workshop leading to a permanent installation made by the children under the guidance of a professional artist on a theme of their own choice.

Upper Thames  The society donated £500 to help fund craft work for 60 severely challenged, autistic young people. This included the starting up of a spinning project and helped finance a spinning wheel, tools and materials and other craft essentials. The completed work was exhibited at an open day in June.

West Wales  

Animation art workshops for 38 Primary Age Young Carers took place in groups across Pembrokeshire 25/02/2018. Funding was made up of the Society's Contribution: £1000.00 and the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund Contribution: £1400.00. Total Grant Given for this Project: £2400

Assisted by a local artist, the young carers produced animations depicting their experiences. The main project output was a short film which is available on You Tube and may be accessed on our Society website. The children both enjoyed and learned from the project. The film has been shown in theatres within the County and on television. The project output formed part of an exhibition shown at a party held by our Society in June 2018 as part of The Arts Society's 50th birthday celebrations. A brief report of both the project and the exhibition was published in the Summer 2018 issue of the Arts Society Magazine.


Workshops took place for five hundred primary pupils produced a design to decorate a Reading Shed. They worked with a local artist to finalise the design and decorate the shed on 5/7/2018 at Oasis Warndon Academy. The Society's Contribution: £1000.00

This was a very worthwhile project. The school is situated in a deprived area. The project enabled the pupils to work with a local artist to decorate an outside Reading Shed which is full of books. The pupils will be able to access the books at lunch time and break time and enjoy reading in a quiet area which is illustrated with book characters and authors.